Remington’s Airwave Dryer Creates Beachy Waves

Whenever I think long hairstyles, TeamSugar is one of my favorite go-to gals. Remember her Angelina Jolie-esque bun? This time, TeamSugar volunteered to try out the Remington Emi Airwave Anti-Static Style System ($25), an ionic blow dryer that uses a nifty little attachment to create beachy waves. It sort of reminds me of the twirling action of a vacuum cleaner, without the scary factor.

After giving the Airwave a whirl, our lovely model was pleased with the results. The attachment helped her to create non-pouffy ringlets on her naturally curly locks; She even preferred the contraption over a diffuser. Since this dryer was easy to use, didn’t take long to dry her long hair, and reduced static overall, it gets her seal of approval. Check out the gallery below for more pics, and learn how to create TeamSugar’s sexy style after the jump.

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