HONDA CB1100 2011 – 2012

HONDA CB1100 (2011 – 2012) Description & History: Drawing its cues from the classic bikes of yore, the 2011 CB1100is Honda’s tribute to the retro machines. Without being a sport bike, the 2011 CB1100 is highly capable to provide a thrilling ride, dripping with power and causing adrenaline to rush in the brain of the rider. An air-cooled design true to the manufacturing specs of yesterday’s bikes, the 2011 CB1100 retains the full cool factor of the bad boys’ bikes back in the ’70s.

A dignified, upright riding position enhances both handling and the already impressive look of the bike, while the wide handlebars add to the precise maneuverability offered by the CB1100. Classic in looks but modern by attitude, this machine will definitely turn a lot of heads, and will be a delightful treat for the nostalgic riders.

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