HONDA CB1000RA 2011 – 2012

HONDA CB1000RA (2011 – 2012) Description & History: The 2011 Honda CB1000RA symbolizes naked bike aggression to the max. A motorcycle for those who really believe in their own skills and riding experience, this machine also offers the top-drawer Combined-ABS for increased safety when the going gets tough. With the soul of superbike, this two-wheeler brings an upright, more comfortable position for longer hauls.

Top-notch suspension with adjustable performance for a compact and light aluminium frame, the 2011 Honda CB1000RA is as compact as it gets, providing exceptional handling. While the grunt and massive liter-class thrust cannot be mistaken for something else, the bike itself feel lighter and much more maneuverable, commanding the rider to push harder and faster.

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