Explanation of the C. B. Gitty Basic Cigar Box Guitar Kit Add-on Options

CBG Kit Option #1: Box Corners
Box corners are a popular accent piece on cigar box guitars, and they also help to protect the box corners. You can go with the brass corners we include by default, or choose another option to customize your guitar’s look.
Brass Standard (included) – equivalent to product #32-007-01 – No additional cost. A set of 8 brass-plated box corners, the default option included with the kit.
Nickel Standard – equivalent to product #32-023-01 – No additional cost. A set of 8 nickel-plated box corners, identical in style to the brass corners above.
Shiny Gold w/Screws – equivalent to product #32-034-02 – $.99 extra. A set of 8 box corners with a nice mirror-like gold finish. Slightly flatter profile to these corners than the “standard” corners those above.
Shiny Chrome w/Screws – equivalent to product #32-094-01 – $.99 extra. A set of 8 box corners with a nice mirror-like chrome finish, identical in style to the Shiny Gold corners in option 3.
CBG Kit Option #2: Box Type
Please note that we cannot fulfill special requests for specific box sizes or styles. Everyone wants the biggest, nicest boxes, but those are very hard to come by in any sort of quantity. We can only guarantee that you’ll get a nice cigar box of a suitable size for a cigar box guitar.
Paper-Covered (included) – No additional cost. This is the standard option for these kits, which is a nice paper-covered cigar box of a size appropriate for a cigar box guitar. Most paper-covered boxes are constructed from hardboard or masonite, NOT CARDBOARD, and work just fine as the body of a cigar box guitar.
All-Wood – $3.99 extra. Instead of the paper-covered box we include a nice all-wood cigar box of an appropriate size. Many people feel that all-wood boxes provide better overall acoustic tone. Most of these boxes will be constructed from plywood, though some may be solid Spanish cedar or mahogany.
No Box – subtract $3.00. Choose this option if you have your own cigar box or other item to use as the instrument’s body. If you choose this option you will just receive the hardware pack and 26-page how-to instructions.
CBG Kit Option #3: Digital Tuner
Being able to accurately tune your instrument is important if you want it to sound good. You can do this by ear using a piano or other instrument, but having a digital chromatic tuner is a big help for getting things just right. Our digital tuner is a good quality low-cost tuner that can be used with your cigar box guitar or practically any other instrument.
No Digital Tuner – No additional cost. By default your kit will not come with a digital tuner.
Digital Chromatic Tuner – equivalent to product #90-023-01 – $10.49 extra. A good-quality and easy-to-use clip-on digital tuner that will work with your CBG and most other stringed instruments.
CBG Kit Option #4: Electronics
Adding a pickup to your CBG allows you to plug it into an amplifier and opens up all sorts of effects and custom sound options. It is especially useful if the instrument is to be played on stage or with other musicians. While it is not required by any means, and your CBG will sound fine played acoustically (without amplification), adding a pickup is a popular choice among builders.
No Electronics – No additional cost. This is the default option; no pickup will be included with your kit.
Basic Pre-Wired Piezo Harness – equivalent to product #50-014-01 – $10.49 extra. If this is your first time, this is the best and easiest option to choose for electrifying your cigar box guitar. Here is an article that walks you through installing this option.
Basic CBG Electronics Kit – equivalent to product #53-001-01 – $11.99 extra. This is a more advanced option that requires some soldering, but has the benefit of including a volume control and knob. Illustrated instructions for how to wire the kit are included.
Rod Piezo and Endpin Jack (No Soldering) – equivalent to product #50-016-01 – $13.99 extra. Another more advanced option, includes a rod-style piezo pickup and an endpin strap button jack. See the separate product listing for more info on this pickup.
Pre-Wired Magnetic Pickup Harness – equivalent to product #54-020-01 – $10.99 extra. The most advanced option, this includes a fully pre-wired electric guitar-style magnetic pickup, with volume and tone controls and output jack. What makes this the most advanced option is that it requires some alterations to the guitar neck where it runs through the body of the instrument. We are working on a how-to article that covers this, but at this point we can say that you have to notch down into the neck so that there is enough depth inside the box for this pickup to be mounted through the box lid. Usually this requires gluing a brace to the bottom of the neck, so that it is not overly weakened.
CBG Kit Option #5: Fretting
Fretting is a more advanced topic and requires a good bit more work and attention to detail, so we don’t really recommend it for first-time builders. If you want a fretted CBG but don’t want to do the fretting yourself, consider one of our pre-fretted cigar box guitar necks, available in a variety of woods and styles.
No Fretting Kit – No additional cost. Your kit will not include our fretting guide or fretwire. The guitar you build will be fretless and will need to be played with a slide.
Basic CBG Fretting Kit – equivalent to product #12-001-01 – $9.99 extra. We will include our fretting guide on CD and 6 feet of medium fretwire. The guide will get you started with the basics of fretting and should give you the information you need to get your CBG properly fretted.
CBG Kit Option #6: Slide
Slides are used in different styles of guitar playing, sometimes in combination with frets and sometimes without. Slides are especially associated with certain styles of the Blues. Unfretted slide playing is considered by some (including us) to be the more traditional form of cigar box guitar styles. If you are not intending to fret your instrument, then you will want a slide.
No slide – No additional cost. This is the default option, your kit will not come with a slide.
Glass Vial Slide – equivalent to product #90-002-01 – $2.99 extra. The glass medicine vial is one of the traditional slides used for playing the blues. Glass tends to have a brighter, sharper sound than metal slides.
28mm Stainless Steel – equivalent to product #90-016-01 – $3.49 extra. This is a shorter “stubby” style slide, used for more advanced “partial slide” playing.
51mm Stainless Steel – equivalent to product #90-017-01 – $4.49 extra. This is a nice standard-size slide that can be used on you cigar box guitar or a standard guitar. A good all-around slide that will last forever.

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