Cort CB-65 5-String

The Cort CB-65 is the next in a new line of banjos being produced by Cort. There’s very little about these around on the internet at the moment, so you can regard this as the definitive word on what these are made of, and how great they are. What this model is literally made of is a few of the finest pieces of mahogany that the green brigade will deem as ethically sourced adorning the neck and the resonator back of the CB-65. There’s not an entire shops worth of mother of pearl on it as you see on certain others in the range, but it has still been decorated in fine style, particularly on the fret board. Have a sit down with it (you’ll be glad of a seat as it’s a bit of a lump), and savour some of that sweet and solid tone, like sugar lumps rather than loose grains. It’s fast and easy to set up, so ideal for the intermediate and pro-am player. Case included.

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