Career CB-65 Bass Guitar Amp

First, what’s on the front (what it effectively came with):
Input (Active or Passive depending on which socket used)
‘Frequency’ (notch filter) from 90Hz thru 1kHz
3-band EQ (treble-middle-bass)
Effects Send and Return sockets
CD/Tape input (to amplify practice tracks)
Line Out
Phones (practice… quietly!!)
Mains indicator
Power On/Off switch

Now, the back, and what I’ve added:
Mains input via ‘standard’ IEC connector
Speaker phase select (normal/reverse)
Speakon connector for external cab (8ohms, 60W)
DI out (phantom powered, permanent GND-lift via 100ohm and 0.047uF)
DI output levels (complete control over amount of Raw and Post EQ blend)

And, under the hood is a new speaker to handle the low-B of a five-string bass. If you get the idea this was made to work in a proper sound set-up, you’re dead right. In fact, it was so good it had to be withdrawn from service in a church (pun intended) because of being too good 🙂 It’s a great monitor amp.

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