Big and Beautiful 2-string Cigar Box Bass Guitar

This is a big, bold and beautiful 2-string cigar box bass guitar, using a nice double-box body and a red oak neck. This is our first bass guitar build, and it turned out great. Decent acoustic sound, and nice deep thumpy bass through an amplifier. The scale length of this bass is 34″, and the overall length of the instrument is 48 inches, hence the extra shipping costs. The strings we have on it could stand to be a little longer, as the windings begin to reduce before the nut, but this doesn’t seem to affect the playability or intonation any.

The cigar box(es) we used on this are the nice big Arturo Fuente Queen B. We took two of them and attached them together to form one nice big soundbox. Other features include big bass-style chrome tuners, an embedded piezo pickup with volume control, hand-carved “bass cleff” sound hole, nickel box corners, inset fret position markers, jumbo nickel-silver fret wire, and more! This is a fun instrument to play and also looks great hanging on a wall.

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