What a fantastic day this years Hoggin’ the Bridge turned out to be.

Motorcycles lined up for the Hoggin the Bridge event

I understand there were about 2000 bikes there this year, this was less than previous years but still a fantastic turnout. The weather was dry albeit a bit foggy, however there were a few sunny spells and it wasn’t too cold.

I went with a friend who has a Honda Shadow. She has never been on a bike run of more than 2 bikes before and she was very impressed. I could see her grin in my rear view mirror all day. Apparently in Cardiff on her way to my house, some biker pulled up alongside her at the lights and asked if she was going hoggin’. He told her the third lot of bikes leaving the services was the safest to be in as the others tended to get a bit scary and competitive with riders jostling for space. I have never found this to be the case but we waited until near the end to leave the services. As soon as we set off on the run we went over the Severn bridge. It was a bit foggy and as the second ‘H’ bridge support appeared through the fog I realised all I could see in front of me were bikes and all I could see in my rear view mirror were bikes.

At one point a huge articulated lorry appeared in the middle of the sea of bikers. It reminded me somewhat of those nature programmes when a colony of ants have found a dead animal, much larger than they are, and between them they carry it back to their nest. The lorry looked – well – awkward.

As in other years lots of families had turned up to see the bikes. Lots of kids were standing by the roadside thrilled to be able to give some of the bikers ‘Hi-5′s’ as they went past. I spotted a few old folk having been parked outside their houses in their wheelchairs with a blanket over their legs. They were waving enthusiastically at us as we went past. Banners had been made advising ‘Honk if you’re Hoggin”. We all did!

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