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Nibblers & Shears

Blade design results in no material loss
4-sided blades for economical use
Body grip design with a paddle switch for easy one handed operation
Features a lower scrap guide to protect the operators hands
A lock off switch prevents accidental starting
Built in thickness gauge
Included accessories:
Standard: 2 shear blades (191383-0), hex wrench (783201-2)


Makita CB65/CB72/CB76 Carbon Brush For Power Tools


Suitable Makita Power Tools as follows

9503BH Grinder 9505BH Grinder
N1900B Planer 3700B Trimmer
3705 Trimmer 4301BV Jig Saw
6300LR Drill 6905B Impact Wrench
9030 Belt Sander DA3000R Drill
JN1600 Nibbler JS1600 Metal Shear
JS1670 Metal Shear 1900B Planer
3702B Laminate Trimmer 906H Die Grinder
6301LR Electric Drill 1902 Planer
N1923B 3-1/4″ Power Planer 9501B Grinder
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